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11 04 2019

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The Undergraduate School of Zhejiang University, founded on July 15th, 2008, has been the perfect example of the University authorities' strategy of integrating educational resources, deepening lecturing reform and upgrading educational system so as to improve the teaching level of undergraduate education and to establish the long-term mechanism for the undergraduate teaching and study. The foundation of the Undergraduate School effectively enhances the efficacy of administration and decision-making previously baffled by the multidepartment managing system, and in addition, it also promotes the ability of servicing for the faculty and students in hope that a science-based and highly-efficient administrative and teaching mechanism for the undergraduate school could be established.
Undergraduate talents cultivation mode of Zhejiang University is laid on the foundation of emphasizing the balance among knowledge, ability and quality, and aims to construct the wide, specialized, and multilateral talents cultivation system. By gradually forming the discipline system which integrate the basic instruction courses, multi-categorical courses, and specialized courses together, the school is marching further to improve the education system, broaden the international exchanging channel and forge the global communicating ability. On the focus of the score-based evaluating scheme, the school is also implementing the well-around talent forging plan that correlates different majors, and fostering the students in eight general directions, namely, nature science, engineering, information technology, practical biology science, biological medicine, literature, sociology and creative technology.
The main duties of the undergraduate school are: undergraduate students’ ideology illumination, quality improvements, routine education affairs, the reform, research and developments of undergraduate education, undergraduate conditions guarantees and quality monitoring.
The undergraduate school of Zhejiang University is a young and energetic community. On the base of inheriting the centenary undergraduate education experiences of Zhejiang University, the school is actively probing and practicing the undergraduate teaching systems which conform to the standards of the world's first-class universities, and persistently endeavor to foster the potential leaders with high quality and multicultural horizon, to nurture the talents with eminent creation abilities.